The Build - 5 - Building the Front

The Front with screen, LEDs and transistor logic logo

Before placing the screen in, you will need to cut off the bottom two screen mount points with a dremel cutter. Be VERY careful, as if you cut or break the glass of the screen it will be unusuable.

Detail of screen from the back logo

Here you can see the 2 LED Sequins (with included resistors) and the transistor / resistor logic. Also note the trimmed screen mount points. Use a small amount of super glue after you have made sure the screen is all the way in and lined up properly. In my version, I used clear 3D printed plastic so the LEDS shine through well. If you use a solid color, you will have to drill a small hole for each LED.

You can save yourself some headache if you connect the 2 LED grounds into one wire, and join that with the Ground connection to the transistor. Finally connect that with the OLED screen ground. Also be careful with the glue on the screen. If you get super glue on the glass front, it's basically impossible to get off, and will be an eyesore.

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