The Build - 7 - Assembly

The 3 Main Parts logo

The Front with screen, LEDs and transistor logic logo

Now it's time to bring the 3 pieces together. Be delecate with the micro wire, and glue it down when you can. Also give it enough length to fold open like a book. There is a watch_padding.stl file to let you extend the screen above the logic frame. I used mine for the first build to give the wires more room (It raises the screen off of the logic board by 3mm. You may be able to trim this down more if you've been very precise. Every mm here makes the watch lower profile.

The Screen is connected to the microduino as follows:

Ground (and the transistor / led grounds) - microduino ground
Vin - 3v3 power on microduino
CS - Digital Pin 10
RST - Digital Pin 12
DC - Digital Pin 9
CLK - Digital Pin 13
DATA - Digital Pin 11

You also need to connect the transistor input to Digital Pin 17 on the microduino, and the 2 LED power wires to Digital Pins 22 and 23. logo

Connecting the back is a bit simpler:

Connect the switch voltage (not the one for charging) to Vin on the voltage regulator.
Connect Ground to microduino ground.
Connect the power supply for the vibration motor to the VOut of the voltage regulator.
Connect the other wire from the vibration motor logic (Assuming you built it like mine) to the transistor on the front next to the screen.

Assuming this is all done correctly, you should be able to power it up! logo

The End result! logo

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