Page 1 - Introduction


When I started this project, I had a series of goals in mind.
1.) Hardware with 100% Arduino Compatibility
2.) Large Program Memory for lots of creative potential
3.) Minimum Battery life of 1 Day
4.) BLE as both Central or Peripheral
5.) Compact size

Over the next several pages are instructions on how to build your very own open source watch! Please contact me if you have any questions, comments, or encounter any errors - oswatch@donothingbox.com

Apon completion of the MK I, I went through the build, and re-designed it a bit, adding / improving the following:

a.) Unified programming port
b.) Less micro wire / Streamlined wiring
c.) Improved 3D models
d.) 4 Buttons
e.) Better vibration motor setup
f.) Microduino wake up capabilities
g.) 22mm watch strap design
h.) lower profile (approx 2mm shorter)
i.) mounting improvements

The next set of pages will take you from this:


to this:


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