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With the core of the watch complete, the last thing remaining is to add the strap to the watch. In MKII I went from an 18mm wide watch strap to a 22mm wide strap, and it feels a lot better. The military style straps I am now using also make attachment a bit easier. There are literally hundreds of variations of these straps on amazon alone, so you can pick and choose any style. less than 22mm will work, but I would not recommend a strap narrower than 20mm.

The 3 Sections


1.) Align and Glue strap to watch

The watch has a 22mm wide indent on the underside of the watch base. We are going to use quickset epoxy here, due to the higher strength demands. Cover the indent with mixed expoxy, and place the strap in the groove. Use the indent to align the strap. Use a Q-tip to make sure no epoxy oozes out the two sides (north and south) Let this dry for about 10 minutes.

2.) Add Strap bars

The two bars provide extra reinforcement. Make sure they are as flush as possible with the strap. (You may have to trim the plastic slightly). Once you align them, use epoxy to secure them at the 4 corners. Let this dry for about 10 minutes.

Strap Attachment 1


3.) Add Second epoxy layer

Now, mix another batch of epoxy and coat the top of the strap and strap bars with epoxy. Also run a qtip with some epoxy on the north and south ends where the strap makes contact with the watch base (Below the programming port and below the power switch)

Strap Attachment 2


Before it dries completely, connect the strap together loosly, forming a ring. This will prevent the epoxy solidifying in a non-ergonimic shape. Now let this dry overnight, and you are done!

Final Step




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