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OS Watch

The wearable tech market is blowing up like crazy. There are all kinds of wearables hitting the market from smartwatches, to fitness trackers and more.

A Time Consuming Project
Patience & Solid Soldering Experience
100% Audio Compatibility

We have access to some of the best watches, which is sure to bring you voice as well as visual information for your comfort.

Battery Life

A long-lasting battery life which will be sure to last you over 48 hours with a continuous charge of over 6 hours.

Compact Size

The compact size of the watch is something which gives you access to some of the best features with easy carry.

Tactile Buttons

Want to touch the button to provide you with the right feeling of wearing a working watch, we have provided you with the right buttons.

High Level Hardware
Configuration Setup

You can set up your phone with your mobile which can help you access your watch with your phone and vis-a-verse. We also have security features to your watch, which will make it possible for your open only with your fingerprint access.

Logic Board
Power It Up!


This small chip is the thing which controls the overall functioning of the watch, allowing it to have a smooth function.

Assembly Parts

There are other quality parts which make this watch work and feel luxurious where you can set it up as you like.

The Strap

The strap is made of faux leather which makes the whole set of the watch more elegant, allowing you the right style.

The Core Of The Watch
Small Boards, Microduino Core +, Bluegiga Ble112 Chip, Voltage Regulator.

The core of the watch is the Microduino which is one of the fastest processing software allowing you to access your source watch to help make your life easier.

Our Blog

4 Great Gadgets To Spruce Up Your Home Aquarium

Having a home aquarium can be a lot of fun for both you and your family, especially if you have kids. Fish are a perfect low maintenance pet that will give your kids a little bit of responsibility and help them to learn how to look after something. It is also important, however, to ensure that your fish have a good aquarium to live in. There are a lot of options for different tanks to buy and so many additional gadgets to spruce it up, which can make it hard to decide on what exactly to buy. This list of great gadgets might help you decide what to purchase.


Automatic fish feeder

Automatic fish feeders are a must-have for most home aquarium owners, whether you are a serious fish keeper or just like to keep them as a household pet. This is because, not only does this gadget ensure that you don’t ever forget to feed your fish, it is also perfect if you often travel and don’t have someone available to regularly feed your fish while you are away. It is extremely easy to set up and use, only requiring the occasional refill and it can also be set to a scheduled timer to feed your fish throughout the day when they usually receive their meals.


Hood Light

Every aquarium needs a hood in order to keep the fish safe inside and protected from potential dangers such as cats, falling objects, or any other household hazard. It can also prevent fish from managing to jump out of the tank, as some particularly active fish have been known to do. Hood lights in particular are a great gadget for your home aquarium as they satisfy your fish’s need for light in their tanks as well as a hood for protection.


Self-cleaning aquariums

While this is not necessarily a gadget, it is extremely useful to fish owners, and especially those without a lot of spare time. They work by having plants grow in the same tank that your fish are inhabiting so that the plants can use the fish’s waste as a fertilizer. These tanks only have one requirement to work and that is to be placed in direct light so that the plants’ photosynthetic process can work. There are a lot of different options for self-cleaning aquariums with different features so it might be helpful to look at some self cleaning fish tank reviews to help you decide what ones to get.



This cool gadget is extremely useful for a number of reasons thanks to the many things that it can do. It allows you to test and monitor the conditions within your tank from your smartphone due to the controller within the tank that regularly measures the water temperature, pH value, and salinity. All of this is very easy to set up and use, as all you have to do is install the monitor in the tank and download the app.

How I Turned my Hobby Into a Million-Dollar Industry

Slime videos and ASMR channels are a hugely saturated niche on YouTube. There are thousands of channels that boast the most satisfying slime videos; with new colors, sprinkles, foam, polystyrene balls, and other aesthetically pleasing add-ins. ASMR channels are booming with different creators using their own personal flair to bring new subscribers to their channel. From role-playing, such as going to the hairdresser, to anthropomorphized teeth taking themselves to the dentist, ASMRists have it all.

These content creators found ways of monetizing their favorite hobbies, sharing it with others, starting an online trend that never lost steam, which created the million-dollar industry it is today.

Here are some examples of such fame, and what it is about their channels that made their hobby so rich.



Slime videos

Lena Slime is a YouTuber who, of course, works with slime. What’s interesting about Lena Slime’s niche, is their paring with ASMR. This kind of extra niches draws subscribers from both the slime and ASMR channels, giving them a wider base and more of a chance to reach larger audiences. Many of their videos also involve makeup destruction, which is another online fad, and again draws more subscribers to their channel.


Combining so many different niches in one will bring a larger audience to your channel and seems to be something Lena Slime has conquered. Each of these niches stemmed from hobbies people decided to share with others, and over time, with more and more people creating similar channels, the industry began to boom. Now, most people I know just buy views on youtube when first starting off their channels. This gives their channel traffic and is a great way to create fame for their name and launch their hobby into a career.



Nastya Slime is another slime channel but, unlike Lena Slime, they focus more on “traditional” slime videos. Even though Nastya Slime has fewer niches attached to their channel, they still have a huge following of 1.25 million subscribers, and their latest video, which is only five hours old, already has 75,829 views. And their videos are relatively simple! Their formula seems to be having a bowl of slime which they add many different things to; makeup, glitter, colored powders, lip balms, and other fun items. However, this simple niche has captured millions of viewers from all over the world, as well as inspired others to create their own channels depicting their slime hobby. So, not only has this hobby been monetized, but it has also gone viral.


Subscribers are important but can matter less once some fame has been accumulated. For example, where Lena Slime has 4.92 million subscribers compared to Nastya Slime’s 1.25 million, Lena Slime’s latest video, only two hours old, has 12,900 views, compared to Nastya Slime’s latest video with 75,829 views. Subscribers clearly aren’t everything.




ASMR is an internet sensation that took off years ago, and stands for ‘Autonomous Sensory Meridian Response’. It is most popularly characterized by soft speaking or whispering, soft sounds magnified by hyper-sensitive microphones, inaudible whispering, hand movements to the camera, binaural sounds and so much more. This hobby became hugely popular on YouTube and has since migrated to all other social media platforms, like Facebook and Instagram. Those who plan to join the ASMR community, however, will find they’re in for a tough go at becoming one of the well-known ASMRists. ASMR has been popular for so long, there are hundreds of different niches. Those who do find themselves reaching the top of the industry, though, will realize it is a very lucrative hobby to be a part of, as well as being a very satisfying hobby to have.



So, what’s really the trick to turning your hobby into a million-dollar industry? Find your niche, broadcast as soon as you can, and create fame for your brand! Good luck!

5 Genius Ways you Can Kit Out Your Garage in 2021

The garage is usually the most unorganized and messy room you have. It starts out well but as time goes by it gets more and more cluttered until you can’t remember what the floor looks like. Even though you always say you’ll get round to cleaning it’s such a big task it’s easy to put it off. This room has the potential to be something great so 2021 is the perfect time to finally kit it out, maybe even use it to help achieve some of your new year’s resolutions.


Yoga Studio

2020 had undoubtedly been a stressful year for us all, so why not make 2021 more relaxing. A home yoga studio would be the perfect place to relax, it would be cheap and easy to kit out too. Yoga studios have minimalist designs so you can really focus on yourself and engage with the exercises without distraction, all you need is a calming interior and a yoga mat. There are so many benefits associated with yoga including improving your flexibility, strength, and energy without tiring yourself out like you would at a gym.


Home Gym

One of the most common new year’s resolutions is to join the gym and get in shape. The main reason people fail on this resolution is they don’t have time to travel to the gym before/after work. Turning your garage into a home gym will save you from the commute and give you more time to actually focus on your workout. There is so much equipment that you could get for your home gym but the equipment you would definitely need for a killer workout every time is weights and your favorite cardio machine. Make this the year you finally stick to your resolution.


Man Cave/She Shed

If you want to kit your garage out for a fun place to relax then this is the perfect idea for you. Whatever your hobby you can turn this into the perfect space for it. If it’s gaming then set up your favorite game consoles and kick back and enjoy. If it’s photography or filming then you can get yourself an amazing drone from and use the space for editing the brilliant footage you’ll have captured. If you enjoy art use it as a room to draw and paint, this room gives you the freedom to kit your garage out to completely suit you.


Home Office

Working from home has become a really big thing in 2020 and it’s likely to stay this way in 2021. If you, like many other people, have a tough time working from home due to all the distractions, chores, and Netflix then a home office could be the perfect use of your garage space. Having a specific room that is just for work will help you focus and increase your productivity. You can design your garage to be just like the office, just without the gossip and with better coffee.



If you love things being organized then having your garage as a storage room would be the perfect way to kit out your garage. There are so many creative ways to utilize the garage space you have available, the best way is to clear the floor, you can do this using any wall storage like floating shelves. It may be a big task but 2021 is the time to gather all the clutter from your house that makes it look messy and move it to your newly organized garage.

Why You Should be Considering a Job in Tech Support

The Job market is currently in a very uncertain position. In fact, it might be at the weakest it has ever been. And that is to be expected considering what a roller coaster 2020 has been for everyone. But there is hope in sight. The world is working together and staying strong in the face of adversity.

But at the moment we are definitely in trying times. And it can be worrying to know if your job is going to still be there in a few months. Or perhaps you are graduating/ graduated and are now seeking employment. Well, we are going to explain why you should consider looking at a Job in Tech Support.



I know what you are thinking. Tech Support seems like it involves sitting behind a desk and trying to help annoying customers who will either berate you or just can’t comprehend what you are saying. And yes there are some annoying customers. But that will happen in any industry.

But Tech Support jobs arent just sitting around taking calls. They also include some of the most informative and detailed educational programs of any job out there. Tech Support firms often operate for many different companies. As such, you have the option to get trained in repair and support for a number of different brands.

Apple. Samsung. Microsoft. Sony. You can see behind the curtain and better understand the technology that makes these companies so powerful. This knowledge is extremely useful outside of work as well as in.

Not to mention there is a lot of physical hands-on repair work as well. If you hate desk work, you could easily ask to be put in the repair department instead and get your hands around lots of broken tech.



The biggest draw to a job in tech support is the fact that there are so many of them available. We live in an increasingly technological society. People are constantly buying more and more stuff that will eventually need repairing. The amount of tech support jobs in colorado alone is more than the population of some small villages. So you won’t have to compete to find work.

And with that, you can be assured there is a lot of job security. These firms are aware that customers can be tricky. So chances are you won’t get fired due to bad complaints or disgruntled clients. In these trying times, job security is worth more than gold.



Tech Support firms work closely with tech companies. And a lot of these companies will actively recruit new staff from the tech support firms before heading out to the public. So if you have ever had an eye on working for one of the big-name brands, this could be an excellent way to get your foot in the door.

We hope this has given you some insight into an often ignored career path. And we wish you all the luck in your job hunt.

In the Bag: All the Free Swag You get From Attending PAX

PAX is one of the most highly anticipated gaming events of the year, every year. You could argue it is a bigger gaming event than E3 itself. Mainly because PAX is run as an expo that anyone can attend, not just the press. So it is open to a lot more people and reaches a wider player base.

And because of that, there is always more going on at PAX than anywhere else. Companies flock to have their new games trialed at the expose. Merch stores set up stalls to peddle their gaming merch and some of the highest prize e-sports tournaments take place here.

But one of the best parts of attending PAX, other than the massive display of amazing costumes you will get to see, is the free swag you receive upon entry. The PAX Swag bags are legendary. Always filled with some of the best stuff. And while PAX 2020 isn’t happening. We have a good idea of what will be in the bags come PAX 2021.



One of the most numerous goodies you will receive during your time at pax is wristbands. Of course, this wont be plain wristbands, but rather a myriad of different gaming wristbands touting popular catchphrases, gaming characters, or designs. Or they might simply be a goodie handed out by a small business hoping to get your attention. It never hurts to give them a check out if that’s the case.


In-Game Content

A lot of games offer exclusive PAX related cosmetics for their games. League of Legends always has a few PAX skins. Fortnite and PUBG. Dota 2. All the bit titles seemingly have codes waiting in the swag bags allowing you to redeem them and display loudly and proudly that you attended PAX. These codes always cause quite a stir and become a rare commodity for the secondary market.


Magic Decks

Wizards of the Coast loves to get new players into Magic The Gathering. And they are always hoping to get old fans rehooked. So they will hand out demo decks as if they are nothing. This is why nearly every PAX swag bag in PAX history has had a Magic the Gathering demo deck in it. These decks are designed to be played with then and there against other decks of other participants.



Hats have become quite a meme among the gaming community. Thanks to Team Fortress 2 and its non-stop obsession with headware, gamers everywhere have fallen in love with hats and it seems they will never fall out of love with them. Which is why a PAX goody bag will almost always contain a free hat as well. Often sporting the PAX logo, it can always be seen being worn by a large amount of attending guests.


Discount Codes

You know how every swag bag ever is always filled with a large wad of leaflets. And chances are that most of these leaflets are nothing more than adverts. But sometimes you will find these leaflets actually contain some discount codes for various nerdy sites and shops. And sometimes these discounts are quite good. So, we recommend you check all the leaflets. This might be annoying and seem like a waste of time but trust it, it’ll be worth it.

While this isn’t everything you will most likely get, it covers all the items that stay consistent between years. Sometimes a free shirt or a bag of candy is thrown into the mix, but those are always dependant on the expo sponsors for that year.



Is Virtual Reality Set to Overthrow Modern Gaming Consoles?

When virtual reality was first announced to the public, the prospects of the new technology seemed endless. From personal use such as gaming, watching TV, and learning, to more professional uses, such as for hospitals to visual patient’s anatomy, to have international business meetings ‘in-person’, and to make the online connections more realistic. The prospects were exciting and vast. However, virtual reality, when announced, was still in its very early stages, and it took some time before it became more circulated among technology en masse. After years, we have finally begun to see the application of virtual reality applications on technology, such as with games. With virtual reality finally accessible on everyday technologies, and its integration into more casual forms of interaction, will we see virtual reality overthrow modern forms of technology, specifically gaming consoles?


Currently, one of the gaming consoles boating virtual reality integration is Sony’s PlayStation.

The company has devised and branded its own version of VR, which connects to and is powered by the PlayStation consoles itself. The integrated nature of the two technologies makes the virtual reality easy to use and accessible to all those who use console gaming already. However, currently, only certain games are compatible with PlayStation’s virtual reality, some of which are: Paper Beast, No Man’s Sky, Wolfenstein: Cyberpilot, Blood & Truth, L.A. Noire: The VR Case Files, Beat Saber, Everybody’s Golf VR, Astro Bot and Concrete Genie. There are soon to be more games with virtual reality integration, with already over three hundred games currently on the PlayStation Store compatible with virtual reality.

The main downfall of Playstation’s virtual reality interface is the cost. A new PlayStation 4 Pro (500GB) currently costs £249.99. As a gaming console that will last years, this is a great price. However, a PS4 VR compatible headset costs £129 (the cheapest new condition find on Amazon). In total that is £378.99. That’s without compatible VR specific game costs calculated in. Since the announcement of the PS5 (price variations depending on the type), which is priced at £499.99 for the normal version, and £399.99 for the digital version, and the original release price of the virtual reality headset at £400; gaming in virtual reality is going to be expensive, regardless of which PS5 you get.

The huge downfall of cost for virtual reality gaming means, at least in the near future, virtual reality won’t be taking over gaming consoles. The production cost of virtual reality technology is too high to make it available to more people. On top of the fees necessary to use the virtual reality features (e.g. consoles), the technology just isn’t accessible to a mass population.


Nintendo Labo

The Nintendo Labo is Nintendo’s version of virtual reality gaming. For different games, there are different virtual reality hand/headsets. This virtual reality technology is aimed at children and is one of the best technischen geschenke für mädchen and boys of a 7-11 age range.


Unlike the PlayStation virtual reality technology, Nintendo’s VR is quite primitive. The technology is cardboard and requires the insertion of the Nintendo Switch for it to work. The technology itself has highly integrated into VR specific games and not the hand-held equipment itself. The design of the equipment is also very clunky, requiring the Switch and VR box to be held up to your face and kept there for the entire duration of the game. This isn’t the most comfortable notion and therefore makes the Nintendo Labo rather undesirable.


Unlike the Playstation VR, what you’re paying for with the Nintendo Labo is glorified a cardboard box and limited games that get boring quickly. The kit for the Nintendo VR costs £79.99, and really isn’t worth your buck.


Consoles are safe, For Now

Although the prospect of VR gaming is quite appealing, there are only certain games for the VR experience is worth paying for. Those games are ones with brilliant graphics, large open worlds, and first-person perspectives. But because the VR technology is so new, it’s very expensive and can only really be bought by those with quite a bit of disposable income to burn.

 Overall, virtual reality gaming just isn’t up to speed with current gaming standards and won’t be taking over consoles anytime soon.

4 Great Bike Gadgets To Try Out Immediately

If you are someone who is passionate about bikes, you are bound to be up to date with all of the latest gadgets that have been released with the aim to enhance your biking experience. However, with so many products being released every day it can be confusing to pick the right one for your needs. In order to make that slightly easier, here is a list of  4 great bike gadgets that you need to try out immediately.


Child carriage

If you are someone who is torn between sticking to your biking lifestyle or buying a car due to the arrival of a baby, then you need to invest in this gadget immediately. A child carriage simply hooks to the back of your bike and you can securely place your child into the carriage when making a journey. These carriages are usually extremely lightweight and offer plenty of safety measures to ensure that your loved ones remain safe on the roads. If you aren’t sold on the product, visit bikize as they really go into depths about the benefits of child carriages.


LED light strips

In these dark winter nights, your average bike light may not cut it and so you may be left in a position of feeling unsafe when out on the roads, especially as it is getting darker faster. One of the best products that you can buy on the market right now is LED strip lights, these are remote control and can be placed onto any part of your bike and give you much more vision on the road.


Distance logger

This gadget will only really be useful for those of you biking for health purposes or if you are someone that is training for a biking event. Most people use items like smartwatches or phones to track the distances they have traveled but these items are usually expensive and often inaccurate. A distance logger attaches straight to your bike and provides extremely accurate readings about your journey.


Digital Lock

It is very easy for a bike to be stolen, due to its lightweight. Because of this, you should really be looking into finding a lock that will keep your bike secure when you aren’t there to keep an eye on it. A digital lock offers much more security than your general lock as they have a built-in alarm that will inform you if your bike is being tampered with.

Are We Becoming Too Reliant on New Tech In the Workplace?

With all the new technology that comes out on a yearly basis, it can be very easy to find yourself becoming more dependent on gadgets, rather than being more reliant on your personal skill level. Within the workplace your own experience level should be valued more than the usefulness of technology as becoming too reliant can have devastating effects in the event that your technology fails you or malfunctions. New technology can make life much easier which is what makes it so desirable in a stressful workplace, if a process can be made easier through using the new technology that is available then it makes sense that so many companies choose to invest in the technology industry.


Industries like construction and offices, in particular, are known to use a lot of techs to help make their lives easier but, it is vital you do not become too reliant on technology and forget the fundamental skills you have which made you a suitable candidate for the job role. Looking at the two industry examples of construction and the office as a workplace, it can clearly be seen that many employees are becoming too dependent.



Offices can be stressful places with many menial tasks that could be simplified with the use of tech, in this case saving your employees time and allowing them to work on the more complex tasks is definitely a positive thing. However, in the event that something was to go wrong with your office technology the company cannot afford to come to a standstill and your staff should still be able to work to the same standard. Although technology does simplify many tasks your workforce should still have proficient knowledge of how to use and maintain the device, rather than becoming dependent on the use of technology within the workplace your technology should be an aid to make your work life more relaxing instead of doing the work for you.


The constant release of new technology makes it hard to resist, but in any professional situation, it would be much more useful to be more reliant on your skills rather than technology. Technology is great until something goes wrong with it and if you are someone who becomes too dependent on technology you are going to struggle in a situation where you are required to do things manually.



Another industry that has become extremely reliant on new technology would have to be construction, as construction workers have to complete a wide range of menial, physically demanding tasks it makes sense that construction workers would take advantage of new technology that would save them from physical exertion. However, much like within the office workplace if a construction worker was to rely on technology too much they may find that their physical skills deteriorate through lack of experience. This is something that should be avoided as something like construction that requires skill and precision requires more than technology to be completed to the best standard.


Another example within construction where people may become too reliant on technology would have to be welding, welding technology has come a long way with precise automatic welding machinery being very commonly used in construction work. Many prefer to use the more dated models of welding machinery in order to have more control over their work, a great example of a traditional welding device can be found here at, great for beginners this device allows users to learn the basic processes of welding which is the knowledge that can be used throughout a workers career.

Gamer History: The Incredible Rise of Mobile Gaming!

Whether we’re waiting for our transport or we’re looking for a quick and easy way to pass the time. There is always an opportunity for us to get entertainment right at our fingertips. Our phones have become a necessary aspect of our livelihoods and part of the appeal is having multiple aspects of our needs met with only one handy dandy device. Technology has become such a massive part of modern society that most people you meet on a daily basis will have a mobile phone in their pocket or in their hand. Not only do phones let you stay in contact with your friends and family or stay on top of your schedule, but they are also able to keep you entertained through the multitude of games available on the app store. It is undeniable that even in the last decade, there has been a massive surge in the number of mobile gamers, partly due to the rise of bigger and more complex games being made available on the mobile platform. But, how did mobile gaming become so popular so quickly? Here are some of our thoughts.


Why Are They So Successful?

Well, after paying so much for a smartphone many people are hesitant to spend more money on added content within the phone. This is why mobile game developers decided to change up the status quo for gaming. Traditionally, when it came to getting a new game, you would have to save up all your pocket money (if you weren’t lucky enough to get it for Christmas) and take a trip to your local gaming store and fork out around 50 dollars or pounds for the newest release. Nowadays, however, that isn’t always the case. The reason many people are choosing to play mobile games is in part due to the business models created by the developers of the games.


Introducing; ‘Freemium’-ware instead of premium-ware. This idea encourages the developers to list the apps and games as free; but the trick is, the profit can then made for the developers through the use of in-app transactions. In-app transactions are when purchasing content within the game through microtransactions after having downloaded the game itself for free. This practice has, however, also shown a rise in ‘gambling’ for many players; these often come in the form of loot-boxes and other content in which the reward is unknown until after the purchase has been made. The extent of this idea is still up for debate, however, it has been such a controversial marketing practice that it has even gotten so worrying for some parents and other players that the legitimacy of the in-game ‘gambling’ has become a subject of debate for the European governments.


The growth of the complexity of mobile games has been exponential. Gone are the days of playing Snake on your Nokia brick, nowadays there are more games than you could ever hope to play in your lifetime all at the tips of your fingers. From smaller apps like angry birds or Flappy Bird (RIP) to much larger and multiplayer games like Fortnite or Call of Duty. Interestingly, the creators of Fortnite have recognized the success from the sheer number of downloads of their game on the mobile platform that they have begun to take on the vendors (Apple/Google Play Stores) in legal battles for the right to be able to sell their app as its own separate downloadable entity. Currently, the Fortnite developers are being made to give the app stores like Apple or Google Play 30% of their potential profit just for hosting the download of the app.


Variety is Everything

Whether you’re just wanting to pass some time while you wait for your bus or whether you’re looking for some hardcore gaming you can take with you anywhere, chances are, there is something for you on the app store. Not only that but if you’re wanting to get into any of the more in-depth games and aren’t sure where to start, there are plenty of online resources for all sorts of popular mobile games like for you to gain some amazing insight on the best mobile gaming leagues and tips to help you top those league tables in no time.


Mobile gaming has arguably pretty much ended handheld gaming. Very few people are playing their PSP or 3DS and have chosen instead to get a lot of their gaming fix from their phones. Considering that mobile gaming has gone from being played on one and half-inch black and white screens to nowadays being played on hardware that even rivals modern home theatre equipment, it’s no wonder why so many people are happy to game on their phones. Many mobile games are now played on premium O-LED displays and use Dolby Atmos sound which creates a mobile gaming experience previous generations could only dream about.


But better displays and incredible variety aren’t the only things contributing to the success of mobile gaming. Many mobile gamers love the opportunity to play any number of beautiful or heart-wrenching games made by potentially small or unknown developers for such a small price. To this end, Apple has foregone the idea of making their own console and have instead created their own subscription service called Apple Arcade, which is designed to give a platform to indie game creators selected by Apple. It gives those using IOS devices a unique experience and allows them to discover games that they may not have originally thought to play.


Smartwatch Needs

4 Features that Every Smartwatch Needs

Wearing time on your wrist isn’t a novel idea; the ticking needles on the dial set the duration for you to complete every important task in life. Organizing your life according to the moving time should be hard, but technology never fails to fulfil your needs. Smartwatches were made for many other reasons other than the style it emanates. Life is made easier with these watches, with not just time running on your wrist but also the weather, day and date, the settings of your smartphone, and whatnot.

With many such features having been compacted into those circular and square dials, you are likely to be running ahead of time. How better could your life get? However, you need to know that as technology develops, replicas and low-quality products are also manufactured to be sold in the market. Understanding the best products is important to purchase the right one for your hand. Here are some of the features that every smartwatch needs.


1. Apps

It is a fact that the full potential of smartwatches has not been leveraged yet, but in the years to come, every manufacturer will make sure to tweak the drawbacks in their previous products. Apps need to have a wider area to act upon than in the current watches. There are a few watches that work well with the apps that we need the most in these days. As you link your watch to your smartphone, better scopes can be explored.

Smartwatches from Samsung, Apple, and LG are under high sales in most stores these days, and all of them have a wide array of apps that can be accessed from the Android and Apple app stores. Although most of these watches offer improved features, there is a lot more that can be incorporated into those compact dials. Most of these companies are aiming at bringing all these necessary changes in their upcoming models.

2. Cellular Connectivity

Some of the most modern models support a SIM card of their own to have independent cellular connectivity. The older models do not boast this feature, making them not worth the money. When all smartwatches tackle this issue, cellular connectivity wouldn’t be a hurdle anymore. With the independence of the watches, the apps can function on its own. Making calls from your smartwatch may not be a great experience; however, you can use it for the basic data connectivity.

3. Battery Life

Battery Life

Pebble is one smartwatch company that overcame the issue of short battery life by providing around 6-7 days of functioning. While the other companies such as Apple, Samsung, and Asus are only offering 2-3 days of battery life, smartwatches such as Pebble are making money out of this certain feature that stands out.

4. Design

One of the greatest challenges for the manufacturers is to make the design of smartwatches as close to the traditional watches as possible. Although many of the smartwatches that are being sold today have the qualities of the other watches, they are not able to meet the standards of the design set by the legendary companies in the business.

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