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OS Watch

The wearable tech market is blowing up like crazy. There are all kinds of wearables hitting the market from smartwatches, to fitness trackers and more.

A Time Consuming Project
Patience & Solid Soldering Experience
100% Audio Compatibility

We have access to some of the best watches, which is sure to bring you voice as well as visual information for your comfort.

Battery Life

A long-lasting battery life which will be sure to last you over 48 hours with a continuous charge of over 6 hours.

Compact Size

The compact size of the watch is something which gives you access to some of the best features with easy carry.

Tactile Buttons

Want to touch the button to provide you with the right feeling of wearing a working watch, we have provided you with the right buttons.

High Level Hardware
Configuration Setup

You can set up your phone with your mobile which can help you access your watch with your phone and vis-a-verse. We also have security features to your watch, which will make it possible for your open only with your fingerprint access.

Logic Board
Power It Up!


This small chip is the thing which controls the overall functioning of the watch, allowing it to have a smooth function.

Assembly Parts

There are other quality parts which make this watch work and feel luxurious where you can set it up as you like.

The Strap

The strap is made of faux leather which makes the whole set of the watch more elegant, allowing you the right style.

The Core Of The Watch
Small Boards, Microduino Core +, Bluegiga Ble112 Chip, Voltage Regulator.

The core of the watch is the Microduino which is one of the fastest processing software allowing you to access your source watch to help make your life easier.

Our Blog
Smartwatch Needs

4 Features that Every Smartwatch Needs

Wearing time on your wrist isn’t a novel idea; the ticking needles on the dial set the duration for you to complete every important task in life. Organizing your life according to the moving time should be hard, but technology never fails to fulfil your needs. Smartwatches were made for many other reasons other than the style it emanates. Life is made easier with these watches, with not just time running on your wrist but also the weather, day and date, the settings of your smartphone, and whatnot.

With many such features having been compacted into those circular and square dials, you are likely to be running ahead of time. How better could your life get? However, you need to know that as technology develops, replicas and low-quality products are also manufactured to be sold in the market. Understanding the best products is important to purchase the right one for your hand. Here are some of the features that every smartwatch needs.


1. Apps

It is a fact that the full potential of smartwatches has not been leveraged yet, but in the years to come, every manufacturer will make sure to tweak the drawbacks in their previous products. Apps need to have a wider area to act upon than in the current watches. There are a few watches that work well with the apps that we need the most in these days. As you link your watch to your smartphone, better scopes can be explored.

Smartwatches from Samsung, Apple, and LG are under high sales in most stores these days, and all of them have a wide array of apps that can be accessed from the Android and Apple app stores. Although most of these watches offer improved features, there is a lot more that can be incorporated into those compact dials. Most of these companies are aiming at bringing all these necessary changes in their upcoming models.

2. Cellular Connectivity

Some of the most modern models support a SIM card of their own to have independent cellular connectivity. The older models do not boast this feature, making them not worth the money. When all smartwatches tackle this issue, cellular connectivity wouldn’t be a hurdle anymore. With the independence of the watches, the apps can function on its own. Making calls from your smartwatch may not be a great experience; however, you can use it for the basic data connectivity.

3. Battery Life

Battery Life

Pebble is one smartwatch company that overcame the issue of short battery life by providing around 6-7 days of functioning. While the other companies such as Apple, Samsung, and Asus are only offering 2-3 days of battery life, smartwatches such as Pebble are making money out of this certain feature that stands out.

4. Design

One of the greatest challenges for the manufacturers is to make the design of smartwatches as close to the traditional watches as possible. Although many of the smartwatches that are being sold today have the qualities of the other watches, they are not able to meet the standards of the design set by the legendary companies in the business.

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