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4 Great Bike Gadgets To Try Out Immediately

4 Great Bike Gadgets To Try Out Immediately

If you are someone who is passionate about bikes, you are bound to be up to date with all of the latest gadgets that have been released with the aim to enhance your biking experience. However, with so many products being released every day it can be confusing to pick the right one for your needs. In order to make that slightly easier, here is a list of  4 great bike gadgets that you need to try out immediately.


Child carriage

If you are someone who is torn between sticking to your biking lifestyle or buying a car due to the arrival of a baby, then you need to invest in this gadget immediately. A child carriage simply hooks to the back of your bike and you can securely place your child into the carriage when making a journey. These carriages are usually extremely lightweight and offer plenty of safety measures to ensure that your loved ones remain safe on the roads. If you aren’t sold on the product, visit bikize as they really go into depths about the benefits of child carriages.


LED light strips

In these dark winter nights, your average bike light may not cut it and so you may be left in a position of feeling unsafe when out on the roads, especially as it is getting darker faster. One of the best products that you can buy on the market right now is LED strip lights, these are remote control and can be placed onto any part of your bike and give you much more vision on the road.


Distance logger

This gadget will only really be useful for those of you biking for health purposes or if you are someone that is training for a biking event. Most people use items like smartwatches or phones to track the distances they have traveled but these items are usually expensive and often inaccurate. A distance logger attaches straight to your bike and provides extremely accurate readings about your journey.


Digital Lock

It is very easy for a bike to be stolen, due to its lightweight. Because of this, you should really be looking into finding a lock that will keep your bike secure when you aren’t there to keep an eye on it. A digital lock offers much more security than your general lock as they have a built-in alarm that will inform you if your bike is being tampered with.

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