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5 Tips To Improve Your Rocket League Skills

5 Tips to Improve your Rocket League Skills

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  • 1.5 Tips to Improve your Rocket League Skills

Rocket League is one of the most iconic games available on the current generation of consoles. Rocket League is gaining new fans every day, remaining as one of the most popular games on the PlayStation store. But Rocket League has been out for a while and has amassed a skilled player base, which can make it difficult for newer players to get ahead. So here are some tips to help improve your skills.


Use Your Boost Wisely

How you choose to use your boost is key for any budding Rocket League player; make sure you always have at least 30 boost points to use for urgent in-game situations. New players are known for holding down the boost button and running out instantly.


Learn to Jump

Jumping in the game is one of the hardest skills to master, so try to play single-player games where you can improve both your timing and accuracy. This will take time as it is a hard skill to master so simply stay patient, and it will come.



In the game communication is key, so try and play with friends that you know you can have constant communication with. Build a strong side of pals and try and stake out your own positions on the field. Your in-game communication and management are bound to improve with time.


Use the Walls to Your Advantage

The in-game walls may seem pointless at first, but they are key in moving around the pitch without too much confrontation. Proper usage of the walls will allow you to sneak up on the ball and opposition goal, so use them to your advantage.


Try Boosting

Finally, perhaps contact some pro’s for some rocket league boosting this will allow for you to become an established player of the game with all the perks without the grueling in-game experience. The cost is relatively cheap and will allow you to get to that next level.

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