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Are We Becoming Too Reliant On New Tech In The Workplace?

Are We Becoming Too Reliant on New Tech In the Workplace?

With all the new technology that comes out on a yearly basis, it can be very easy to find yourself becoming more dependent on gadgets, rather than being more reliant on your personal skill level. Within the workplace your own experience level should be valued more than the usefulness of technology as becoming too reliant can have devastating effects in the event that your technology fails you or malfunctions. New technology can make life much easier which is what makes it so desirable in a stressful workplace, if a process can be made easier through using the new technology that is available then it makes sense that so many companies choose to invest in the technology industry.


Industries like construction and offices, in particular, are known to use a lot of techs to help make their lives easier but, it is vital you do not become too reliant on technology and forget the fundamental skills you have which made you a suitable candidate for the job role. Looking at the two industry examples of construction and the office as a workplace, it can clearly be seen that many employees are becoming too dependent.



Offices can be stressful places with many menial tasks that could be simplified with the use of tech, in this case saving your employees time and allowing them to work on the more complex tasks is definitely a positive thing. However, in the event that something was to go wrong with your office technology the company cannot afford to come to a standstill and your staff should still be able to work to the same standard. Although technology does simplify many tasks your workforce should still have proficient knowledge of how to use and maintain the device, rather than becoming dependent on the use of technology within the workplace your technology should be an aid to make your work life more relaxing instead of doing the work for you.


The constant release of new technology makes it hard to resist, but in any professional situation, it would be much more useful to be more reliant on your skills rather than technology. Technology is great until something goes wrong with it and if you are someone who becomes too dependent on technology you are going to struggle in a situation where you are required to do things manually.



Another industry that has become extremely reliant on new technology would have to be construction, as construction workers have to complete a wide range of menial, physically demanding tasks it makes sense that construction workers would take advantage of new technology that would save them from physical exertion. However, much like within the office workplace if a construction worker was to rely on technology too much they may find that their physical skills deteriorate through lack of experience. This is something that should be avoided as something like construction that requires skill and precision requires more than technology to be completed to the best standard.


Another example within construction where people may become too reliant on technology would have to be welding, welding technology has come a long way with precise automatic welding machinery being very commonly used in construction work. Many prefer to use the more dated models of welding machinery in order to have more control over their work, a great example of a traditional welding device can be found here at, great for beginners this device allows users to learn the basic processes of welding which is the knowledge that can be used throughout a workers career.

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