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How I Turned My Hobby Into A Million-Dollar Industry

How I Turned my Hobby Into a Million-Dollar Industry

Slime videos and ASMR channels are a hugely saturated niche on YouTube. There are thousands of channels that boast the most satisfying slime videos; with new colors, sprinkles, foam, polystyrene balls, and other aesthetically pleasing add-ins. ASMR channels are booming with different creators using their own personal flair to bring new subscribers to their channel. From role-playing, such as going to the hairdresser, to anthropomorphized teeth taking themselves to the dentist, ASMRists have it all.

These content creators found ways of monetizing their favorite hobbies, sharing it with others, starting an online trend that never lost steam, which created the million-dollar industry it is today.

Here are some examples of such fame, and what it is about their channels that made their hobby so rich.



Slime videos

Lena Slime is a YouTuber who, of course, works with slime. What’s interesting about Lena Slime’s niche, is their paring with ASMR. This kind of extra niches draws subscribers from both the slime and ASMR channels, giving them a wider base and more of a chance to reach larger audiences. Many of their videos also involve makeup destruction, which is another online fad, and again draws more subscribers to their channel.


Combining so many different niches in one will bring a larger audience to your channel and seems to be something Lena Slime has conquered. Each of these niches stemmed from hobbies people decided to share with others, and over time, with more and more people creating similar channels, the industry began to boom. Now, most people I know just buy views on youtube when first starting off their channels. This gives their channel traffic and is a great way to create fame for their name and launch their hobby into a career.



Nastya Slime is another slime channel but, unlike Lena Slime, they focus more on “traditional” slime videos. Even though Nastya Slime has fewer niches attached to their channel, they still have a huge following of 1.25 million subscribers, and their latest video, which is only five hours old, already has 75,829 views. And their videos are relatively simple! Their formula seems to be having a bowl of slime which they add many different things to; makeup, glitter, colored powders, lip balms, and other fun items. However, this simple niche has captured millions of viewers from all over the world, as well as inspired others to create their own channels depicting their slime hobby. So, not only has this hobby been monetized, but it has also gone viral.


Subscribers are important but can matter less once some fame has been accumulated. For example, where Lena Slime has 4.92 million subscribers compared to Nastya Slime’s 1.25 million, Lena Slime’s latest video, only two hours old, has 12,900 views, compared to Nastya Slime’s latest video with 75,829 views. Subscribers clearly aren’t everything.




ASMR is an internet sensation that took off years ago, and stands for ‘Autonomous Sensory Meridian Response’. It is most popularly characterized by soft speaking or whispering, soft sounds magnified by hyper-sensitive microphones, inaudible whispering, hand movements to the camera, binaural sounds and so much more. This hobby became hugely popular on YouTube and has since migrated to all other social media platforms, like Facebook and Instagram. Those who plan to join the ASMR community, however, will find they’re in for a tough go at becoming one of the well-known ASMRists. ASMR has been popular for so long, there are hundreds of different niches. Those who do find themselves reaching the top of the industry, though, will realize it is a very lucrative hobby to be a part of, as well as being a very satisfying hobby to have.



So, what’s really the trick to turning your hobby into a million-dollar industry? Find your niche, broadcast as soon as you can, and create fame for your brand! Good luck!

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