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How Your Social Media Feed Affects Your Job Application

How Your Social Media Feed Affects Your Job Application

When you apply for a job an important factor to be mindful of is the impact that how you present yourself online has on your application, it can be easy to get into the mindset that employers don’t have the right to access your various social media accounts but this simply isn’t the case. Anything you post publicly on social media can be accessed by anybody who wants to, employers have been using social media much more frequently as a way of gaining an insight into the type of person you really are. Interviews are still very effective methods but how you present yourself in a pre-scheduled interview maybe every different from the type of person you are online.


With social media being an integral part of society, it has become extremely easy for employers to access a compartmentalized profile of everything you have posted or endorsed on social media. If your profile is set to be public for the world to see it is vital you take care to avoid involving yourself with anything that could be considered negative by potential employers as this could negatively impact your success rate when it comes to employment. Social media has been developed into something much more than just a platform for communication and is now being used for more serious processes like employment background checks. Now more than ever is the time to go through your profile and remove anything that could be deemed unprofessional. The serious nature of hindering your chances of employment far outweigh the need to have an interesting profile, it is important you take the time to work on how you are showing yourself to others online as you are basically allowing others to judge you based on choices you have made on social media platforms.


If you are someone with a lengthy profile dating back to times when you were not the person you are now, I would definitely recommend either starting afresh with a new social media profile or going back and getting rid of any incriminating posts you may have shared. Employers access social media to find out exactly the kind of person you are and make a decision as to whether you would be a suitable fit for their business, hindering your chances with something as unimportant as social media doesn’t seem to be a worthy sacrifice.


Background Checks

As well as looking at criminal records, employers will use social media to make up their crucial background checks before considering your employment. It is vital you are transparent with anything of this nature because it is easy for employers to find this information out themselves which will look very bad if you haven’t been honest. Services like kyshrm – background check for employment offer advice and information regarding the importance of background checks for businesses, with applications for work being at an all-time high and the competitive nature that comes with applying for work, there has been a real need for these services to ensure businesses are employing the very best candidates instead of people who aren’t going to represent the company to the best standard.


How to clean up your social media profile

The process of removing negative content from your social media pages can be difficult, depending on your opinions you may struggle to see why some of your posts would be viewed negatively. An unbiased viewpoint is recommended and maybe even getting a second opinion from a trusted friend or relative would be a good way to go about cleaning up your social media profile effectively.


Issues to look out for would be things like inappropriate comedy or posts that make light of serious issues, if you are someone who enjoys posting status’ about your life including your job then I would ensure you take care with posting negatively about your place of work, as it creates the impression that you don’t take your work and the business you work for seriously. Employers are looking for someone who can be a positive role model and representative for the company you work for, so ensure you uphold this mantra in all aspects of your life and social media shouldn’t be an issue.

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