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In The Bag: All The Free Swag You Get From Attending PAX

In the Bag: All the Free Swag You get From Attending PAX

PAX is one of the most highly anticipated gaming events of the year, every year. You could argue it is a bigger gaming event than E3 itself. Mainly because PAX is run as an expo that anyone can attend, not just the press. So it is open to a lot more people and reaches a wider player base.

And because of that, there is always more going on at PAX than anywhere else. Companies flock to have their new games trialed at the expose. Merch stores set up stalls to peddle their gaming merch and some of the highest prize e-sports tournaments take place here.

But one of the best parts of attending PAX, other than the massive display of amazing costumes you will get to see, is the free swag you receive upon entry. The PAX Swag bags are legendary. Always filled with some of the best stuff. And while PAX 2020 isn’t happening. We have a good idea of what will be in the bags come PAX 2021.



One of the most numerous goodies you will receive during your time at pax is wristbands. Of course, this wont be plain wristbands, but rather a myriad of different gaming wristbands touting popular catchphrases, gaming characters, or designs. Or they might simply be a goodie handed out by a small business hoping to get your attention. It never hurts to give them a check out if that’s the case.


In-Game Content

A lot of games offer exclusive PAX related cosmetics for their games. League of Legends always has a few PAX skins. Fortnite and PUBG. Dota 2. All the bit titles seemingly have codes waiting in the swag bags allowing you to redeem them and display loudly and proudly that you attended PAX. These codes always cause quite a stir and become a rare commodity for the secondary market.


Magic Decks

Wizards of the Coast loves to get new players into Magic The Gathering. And they are always hoping to get old fans rehooked. So they will hand out demo decks as if they are nothing. This is why nearly every PAX swag bag in PAX history has had a Magic the Gathering demo deck in it. These decks are designed to be played with then and there against other decks of other participants.



Hats have become quite a meme among the gaming community. Thanks to Team Fortress 2 and its non-stop obsession with headware, gamers everywhere have fallen in love with hats and it seems they will never fall out of love with them. Which is why a PAX goody bag will almost always contain a free hat as well. Often sporting the PAX logo, it can always be seen being worn by a large amount of attending guests.


Discount Codes

You know how every swag bag ever is always filled with a large wad of leaflets. And chances are that most of these leaflets are nothing more than adverts. But sometimes you will find these leaflets actually contain some discount codes for various nerdy sites and shops. And sometimes these discounts are quite good. So, we recommend you check all the leaflets. This might be annoying and seem like a waste of time but trust it, it’ll be worth it.

While this isn’t everything you will most likely get, it covers all the items that stay consistent between years. Sometimes a free shirt or a bag of candy is thrown into the mix, but those are always dependant on the expo sponsors for that year.



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