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The Idiot’s Guide To Understanding Instagram

The Idiot’s Guide to Understanding Instagram

So you’ve decided to join the legions of people sharing images of everything from their breakfast to luxury getaways. But to anybody unfamiliar with the concept or even social media in general, the website or app may seem a little overwhelming and confusing. When you consider just how many people are on the app, there is no end to the opportunities it can open up. It can be a great way to stay connected with your friends and family or maybe stay on top of the latest celebrity gossip if that’s more your speed. No matter what you’re hoping to get out of Instagram, here’s a guide to have you up and posting in no time at all.



The next thing you should look into should be your security settings. You can change these to your personal preference but for those who are wanting their account to be for friends and family only, it may be worth setting your account to private, so that you get to decide who is able to follow you and see your posts. One thing you need to be wary of is making sure there is no record of any personal details that you wouldn’t want to be exposed to the internet. Never post your password, address, or bank details on Instagram or any other social media websites. Above all else, you want to keep yourself and your details safe. If you want to be sure you’re on top of your security, be sure to do your research.


What Should You Post?

The million-dollar question for anyone wanting to get started on Instagram is what to post. Well, that’s part of the beauty of Instagram. You can post whatever you like, as often or as little as you like. Whether you’re wanting to show off your bomb makeup looks or your latest holiday, or whether you’re just wanting to share smaller updates of your life, it’s all up to you. You get to decide how your feed looks, whether you’re wanting to use filters, or what caption to include with your posts. Just be sure to make it what you want it to be, not what other people think looks best. It is your account after all.

You’re not only able to post photos onto your main feed, but you can also add personalized Instagram stories that last for 24 hours after posting. That means you can post any blooper photos or share extra little nuggets of information, or even draw attention to another person’s post by sharing it with your story. If you’re wanting to take your story one step further, this is how you add multiple photos to your instagram story. Play around with text, photos, and different stickers or gifs and you may even discover an aesthetic you never knew you had.


Getting Started

If you’re hoping to get onto Instagram, the first thing you’ll need to do is set up an account. If you’re unsure of social media it may sound daunting, but don’t worry – all you need is an email address and an idea for your username and password and you’re good to go. Just make sure your password is secure and safe – don’t use the same password over and over again. Once you’ve done that, it may be a good idea to start following some people. Whether it’s people you know or celebrities, the choice is yours. You might even get a few new followers if they decide to follow you back. There are a lot of new features to Instagram and it may be hard to understand at first but with a bit of research, you’ll be caught up to speed in no time.

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